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343 575 4364

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613 508 1100 x 2

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613 707 3644

It's time to experience an elite environment for your services...

Lifetime Membership is $5

Access 2 Locations: Downtown and West Ottawa. Many women offer services and to chat with. 
Sign a privacy agreement knowing that the staff and clients have all agreed to mutual privacy and discretion.

We all loved the previous space, However the new space allows for many benefits: 
  • Book Instantly Online, or By Text or Phone
  • In the Room Shower
  • Adjustable Music & Lights
  • Larger bed & room
  • Licensed Bar: Coffee, Pop, Juice & Alcohol available in room or at bar
  • Free Parking Lot Parking
  • Defined Schedule to preplan and prebook your session
  • Pet free space (Instead of having 5 cats to trip over)
  • Clean space from entry to exit (As my reviews say about my previous space, While the bathroom and bedroom were clean, my living space tended to be clearly lived in)
Red room Club Alpha West: Couch, Bed and clean luxurious space

With a Heavy Heart, We are saying goodbye to "The Red Room"

Due to Zoning issues the previous space is no longer an option for clients, However many of you have come to trust me and expect trust, safety and genuine connection.

I will always provide the best service possible in a clean and discreet environment. I took great care when choosing my new location to make sure you would feel safe and comfortable.

Club Alpha Collage: Shower, Coffee, Large Mirrors
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West Location

Robertson Rd & Moodie Dr.
Text: (613) 707-3644

Downtown Location

Queen St.
Call: (613) 508-1100 x 1
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