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Whimsy Fai's Online Services

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Online Menu
Text 343 575 4363

Texting per min $2

Phone Call Per Min $4

Video Call Per Min (Starting at) $5

Custom Video per Min (Starting at) $10

Dick Rate:

Out of 10 only $5

Out of 10 with paragraph $25

Out of 10 with 2 Paragraphs $40

Small Penis “Story Book” Page $50

The Real Deal

There's nothing like seeing me in person. 

But you may be nervous to see someone you have had minimal contact with for the first time.

This is part of the reason I have online choices.

Come see me if you can, and if your too far, use online options or Fly Me To You

Smokey Header
Whimsy Fai Leaning against Wall that says "Alpha"
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