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Escort Hobbying Safely

TLDR: Research your providers, Trust your gut, Use condoms, Get Tested

Hobbying Definition: An active customer of escorts shares information with similar customers, typically on some type of online forum (source: )

In this case, I’m referring to any customer of escorts

This is my opinion and personal suggestions for safe hobbying. I have had many clients who open up to me about the experiences they have had in their hobbying attempts.

The worst of these include:

  • Bait and Switch (photo being inaccurate or a different person entirely)

  • being told by text that the provider offers a service then being told after payment that they don’t and not being allowed to cancel service and take money back

  • Being told they work with the police and having their money stolen (The police are on Escorts side for our safety but they do not care about “Johns” unless they are actually harming escorts)

  • Being blatantly stolen from with no service given

Some of the lesser problems:

  • Escorts with no patience or compassion (Like a client who is having a hard time getting hard and giving up well before the session is over)

  • Being kicked out at exactly the timed session end, rushed out the door and barely able to put shoes on

Tips for finding a safe provider:


  • Look for providers who are “verified”: there is a search filter available

  • Trust your gut when talking to the provider, if you don’t feel comfortable maybe there is a reason

  • Search TERB by writing the escorts last 4 digits of phone number (or name; this can be changed so it’s less fool proof) try both ways in seperate searches

  • If you don’t find anything or TERB, consider how long this escort has had an ad on Leolist, the longer the length of using the same name and number, the better chances are that they are ok if they don’t have negative reviews

  • If an ad looks to advertise multiple girls it may be an agency and not an independent provider


  • TERB does not seem to have verification for their ads, so feel free to check out leolist to find a second ad that may have verification

  • TERB is a more expensive advertising option for providers, scammers are a bit less likely to use this option as they are trying to avoid negative reviews and paying more is not optimal

  • Use the search bar! Providers who advertise with terb likely have reviews or comments there. If they are from out of town, use google to search the name  or phone number and look for other reviews or ads

  • Look at comments, if the person is problematic there may be a comment beneath the ad.

Other Advertisers:

  • Google your provider, Look for reviews, do your research, Look for verification (such as Onlyfans which require all involved in the videos or photos to have given photo ID)


Tips for sexual safety:

This is once again my personal opinion.

  • Use a condom, unless the provider is offering paperwork showing clean STI tests and you are doing the same, use a condom. (To be fair, not many providers are willing to disclose personal information)

  • Ask the provider about STI testing frequency. A provider who is cautious will likely know when the last test they had, or will exclusively use condoms for all services

  • Get Tested. Protect your provider, and yourself, even if you don’t have symptoms. Know your sti status, be honest with your doctor about your sexual escapades so they can be vigilant with you.

  • If you get an STI, Take your meds for it and don’t continue with sexual encounters until you have a clean bill of health with no chance of transmission from your Doctor.

  • If you don’t have a doctor, or your nervous cause your family doctor knows your mom and you don’t trust dr patient confidentiality: Use a walk in or phone in service, such as TIA health, Appletree, etc.

  • Don’t do bare sex/anal with anyone besides your partner. If a provider offers this they are at a higher risk for a number of STI’s. Bare oral provides less risks to both provider and client

  • Don’t ask a provider who does not offer bare sex “just this once” or “what if I pay more” it’s not worth it. If they’re willing to make an exception for you, they’ll likely make an exception for others.

  • Bring your own condoms if unsure if the provider has them. Worst case scenerio, you have a condom for future use (most providers, including me will have our own and prefer the use of ours)

  • If you have a latex allergy, Disclose that in advance, bring your own latex free condom incase they don’t have them available

  • If you cannot get hard with a condom: Try female condoms, make sure your provider is ok with trying it out. They’re less aesthetically pleasing but if you can finally fuck without loosing your erection, its worth a try.

  • Try and find a single provider. Lessen the risk of STI’s by sticking with one or 2 providers you trust and like being with. If it’s not a kink to see multiple people, and your happy to stick with a provider. Do it.

If you have other suggestions for others, please email me: or send it to me in the chat feature and I will ad it to the list. Your safety is important, just as ours is.


Safe Sex Resources

Get free condoms sent to you: (Regular, Large, Female or Non Latex, Dental Dams)

Pick up Free condoms closest to you:

Consider PrEP use if you hobby bare or have bare fun with multiple partners or genders:

The PrEP Clinichttps://www.prepclinic.caThe PrEP Clinic: Get PrEP Online & In-Person

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