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Accessibility for People with Disabilities (LARGE PRINT)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

About your Provider:

Whimsy Fai has a diploma in personal support work and 11 years experience in the field. I no longer works in the field as I have chosen to work as a Sex Worker. However, I care deeply for those who wish to receive services from sex workers but have disabilities that may prevent them.

For those with wheelchairs or are home bound by their disability, I will do my best to offer outcall on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, Some non-disabled folk may choose to take advantage of this, and due to that, I do require the situation to be a necessity, and not just a case of convenience.

With this being said, If I arrive and the situation seems to be a case of taking advantage of this service, I reserve the right to leave without notice.

I know your health issues are private, but I ask that if you are concerned I may misinterpret the situation as one of convenience, Please disclose what is the preventing factor for accessing my incall location.

Please note: Outcalls are not always available and this may require booking in advance. Outcalls are an additional $40 more to pay for my gas and vehicle maintenance. This is the only extra charge that anyone accessing my services will get, Regardless of any physical assistance I may need to provide during our session.

Incall Location:

  • Club Alpha West is Wheelchair accessible with an accessible shower

  • I am working to get items that provide a safer way to shower. I will update this page with my accessibility items as they arrive.

  • Help with transfers, dressing, showering, and personal care - While this is not the main point of our session, I understand that you want to feel prepared for it, and may have trouble with dressing and undressing, as well as personal hygiene. I will provide a free 10 minute shower with assistance to anyone needing this service. You do not need to feel nervous about the condition you come in, I will take care of you and leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable. Please bring any items you may require for changing (Clean clothes, Undergarments, Sanitary items, Fresh bandages, etc.)

  • Wheel Chairs: If using a manual wheel chair, I will be able to lift and bring it into the apartment. I can keep it within reach if you wish, or off to the side if you are comfortable. I want you to feel safe and respected. Reminder: There are 10 stairs to my apartment. I am capable of assisting with getting up them, based on your own capability, Please message me about it if this is the case so we can discuss logistics. If using a power wheel chair: I can sometimes provide an option for my coworker to wait with your wheelchair during our session, and I may be able to use boards to use as a ramp to bring in the building. Please message me to discuss.

  • Walkers, Canes, (and other assistive devices): These items will be kept within your reach for your comfort. If you have any questions, Please let me know.

  • Blind or Partial Blindness: I can offer my shoulder to lead you to the red room, or just talk as I lead, whatever feels best to you. I will make sure that there are no obstacles in the path that you may trip on, including warning you if a cat decides to block the way suddenly. I am willing to meet you at the front door to assist with accessing the unit. I am bad at answering my cell phone as it is a symptom of my own anxiety, But if you can email me at or send me an initial text to let me know the number you are calling me from to book I will answer any time I am available. Alternately, Please leave me a voicemail at 343 575 4364 letting me know you require booking by phone.

  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing: ASL - I only know the alphabet of american sign language, I would love to learn more but that is the extent of my present knowledge. If lip reading is your preferred method of communication I will be mindful to face you when I talk and have good lighting (Daylight setting instead of red on my smart lights). Paper and pen can be provided. In the case of a kink session, a safe action will be provided for both of our use.

  • Non-Verbal: Paper and pen is available,Texting is my preferred method of booking, Assistive devices for you to communicate are more than welcome to stay on your person at all times. A safe action will be provided to you before we begin so you can stop the session at any time.

I recognize that this is not a comprehensive list and that you may have disabilities not listed. Please contact me to discuss.

If you have additional suggestions, or addition questions or needs, please contact me 343 575 4364 or I am happy to assist as best as I can.

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